For many years of working as a web designer and SEO analysis, I have encouraged everyone to use the header tags properly. Most of the clients that I have worked with believe that the header tags are just for style on their website. Think about header tags as a table of content in a book. When we pick up a book or magazine, most of the time we would skim or take a quick look at the table of content to see what we want to read or what has captured our attention. The header tags are the same thing as the table of content of the book or magazine.

How important are h1, h2, and h3 header tags for SEO?

Header tags help to break down the content, so the audience, readers, or viewers to help them know what they are reading. I bet you if I have taken out the headers in this article, you wouldn’t want to read the whole thing that I have typed in this blog.

<h1></h1> header is for the title of the blog with the focus keyword inside the header. It is highly recommended to make <h1>this the long tail keyword inside of the header</h1>. My h1 tag for this blog is “The importance of the header tags for SEO.” And there are a variety of keywords in this one little header.

Here is a little breakdown of how we see the keywords in the h1 tag:

  • Importance SEO
  • Importance header tags
  • Header tags SEO
  • Header SEO
  • Seo importance
  • Importance header

A lot of time, the person who is searching for something in the search engine are not going to use stop words such as the, of, or for.

How do you use the h1, h2, and h3 tags?

It is straightforward on how to use the header tags. I’m going to use this blog as an example below:

<h1>The importance of the header tags for SEO</h1>

<h2>How important are h1, h2, and h3 header tags for SEO?</h2>

<h3>How do you use the h1, h2, and h3 header tags?</h3>

<h3>Why aren’t you using h4, h5, or h6 header tags?</h3>

<h3>Tools to test your header tags</h3>

<h4>Conclusiion about header tags</h4>

You will probably hear that you can use as many h1 tags for each web page. That is not true! You want to have the perfect SEO, so you want to use only one h1 tag for each web page.

Why aren’t you using h4, h5, or h6 header tags?

Honestly, I don’t feel that they are beneficial or worth the time. There are companies out there that do uses h4, h5, and h6 for extremely long blogs or articles. It wouldn’t hurt to use them, but I don’t use them.

Tools to test your header tags

I strongly recommend getting Website Auditor from SEO PowerSuite if you are not going to hire an SEO expert to do your SEO. You can order just the WebSite Auditor for $124.75. Or you can buy all four licenses of the SEO PowerSuite for $299, that included Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant. WebSite Auditor is an excellent tool for content writers! The picture below is WebSite Auditor that is analyzing the content of each page. These tools will give you in-depth reports of your website’s SEO. In the picture below, you can see how many keywords are used for each header tags and all the SEO work that has been done for one web page.

SEO WebSite Auditor

When I am using LinkAssistant software to look for link submission, directory, or backlinks, I see thousands of thousands of websites every day that has absolutely no SEO work done on their website. When I do, I skip those websites because I do not want any part of their websites. Incomplete SEO work on your website will not help or benefit the ones that are completed. 

If you are using WordPress, the h1 tag will automatically be the title of the page. Don’t worry about adding the h1 tag into the content. 

Conclusion about the header tags

Oops, this header is an h4.

The reason why I have decided to make this blog is to help educate anyone that wants to do SEO work or someone who is getting a new website, or someone needs to understand SEO work before hiring someone to do the SEO. It doesn’t matter how long your blog can be but make sure that you have your header tags inside your website! If you need SEO work and content writer work to be done, we will be more than happy to help you! You can find our service prices a click away.