Kick Ass SEO


Kick Ass SEO up to 250 keywords for your website. Up to 10 competitor research, unlimited keywords research and 5 website audit only at Whoa Website.


This is the Kick Ass SEO!

  • No Contract
  • Up to 250 Keywords Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • 10 Competitor Report
  • Google My Business
  • Weekly Report
  • 5 Website Auditor Reports
  • 25 Pages Content Analysis
  • Website Issues – Details
  • Website Issues – Summary
  • 7 Contents / Blogs

The Kick Ass SEO is if you want to dominate the internet. This package does include Google My Business and local SEO. We know how important it is to be found on the search engines, apps such as Yellow Page, Yelp and Google My Business. Search Engine Optimization is our primary focus of the company to ensure that your business gets found easily. This product does not include the web design package. However, we do offer web design at reasonable prices. There are other SEO packages available at various prices.