We do offer

WordPress Hosting

Whoa Website is proudly to offer Managed WordPress Hosting so you don’t have to worry about your website! There is no limitation on how big the website is. However, we offer $9.99 per domain name, or $99.90 per year (get two months for free hosting).

Unlimited – What?

Don’t be confused with the “unlimited” space that other companies have been advertising, and we will take care of your website. There is no such thing as unlimited space or hard drive!

Backup System

The most important feature of this managed WordPress hosting is the backup system! Whoa Website, offer various backup systems!


All accounts do come with free SSL (https://) and Cloudflare. We’ll make sure your website is protected!


There is no limited bandwidth per month or limited visitors per month. The server is on full 1 Gbps uplink.

Hosting Control Panel

Every clients has access to cPanel. One of the best and easiest hosting control panels available on the market.

Updates on Plugins & Themes

All plugins and themes will be updated daily! We’re not responsible for your subscriptions for the plugins or outdated plugins & themes.


Free 24/7 monitors on your website every day!

Ready to get your Managed
WordPress hosting?

We’re looking forward to giving you the best Managed WordPress Hosting and the best customer services.