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Website Audit

Whoa Website offer free website audit! We want to help ensure that your website is error free. There is no catch from this website audit. Having errors on your website can cause you to fall off your bike. You wouldn’t want to be that dude!

Website audit report

What to expect out of this free website audit report. The website audit report will provide a summary of your website. We do offer in-depth reports for the website for a low cost.

Indexing & Crawlability

  • Resources with 4xx status code
  • Resources with 5xx status code
  • Resources restricted from indexing
  • 404 page set up correctly
  • robots.txt file
  • .xml sitemap


  • Fixed www and non-www versions
  • Issues with HTTP/HTTPS site version
  • Page with 302 redirect
  • Page with 301 redirect
  • Page with long redirect chains
  • Page with meta refresh
  • Page with rel=”canonical”

Encoding & Technical Factors

  • Mobile friendly
  • HTTPS pages with mixed content issues
  • Pages with multiple canonical URLs
  • Page with Frames
  • Page with W3C HTML errors and warnings
  • Page with W3C CSS errors and warnings
  • Too big pages

Links & URLs

  • Dynamic URLs
  • Too Long URLs
  • Broken links
  • Pages with an excessive number of links
  • Dofollow external links

Image Errors

  • Broken images
  • Empty alt text

On-page (SEO) & Localization

  • Empty title tags
  • Duplicate titles
  • Too long titles
  • Empty meta description
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Too long meta description
  • Language Versions
  • Pages with hreflang elements
  • Incorrect language codes
  • Invalid URLs
  • Missing return links
  • Conflicting hreflang elements
  • Non-canonical pages with hreflang elements
  • Missing “x-default” values
  • Incomplete hreflang values

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